About Us

Warden: Thelma Northrup*     Associate Warden:  *  Treasurer:  Gail Doloway*Clerk: Jackie Weekes*
Rev. Christie Leavitt  Rev. Lionel Starkes  Rev Richard Smallwood
Janet Tyler
Rev. Carolyn Shannon  Rev.  Pamela Radke
Thelma Northrup
Marianna Gorczyca*   Valerie Hartlage*  Wendy Smith*
Oskar Rodriquez* Barbara Klein*  Aileen Stromer
Prayer List: Rev. Carolyn Shannon, Rose Marie Pickell
* Vestry member

MISSION: St. Matthew's/San Mateo is an inclusive bilingual Episcopal congregation worshiping and serving God and working together to care for each other, the community, and the world.

We are a small, diverse, and service driven Parish.  Our parishioners can be found in many walks of life as they go about their daily endeavors.  As a ministry for all Parish, the Church, operates with the help of many people. We are engaged in activities that include Clergy, lay ministers, Christian Educators, Music service, Community service, participation at the Diocesan level, and recently added a Hispanic ministry to our Parish.  We think of ourselves as a warm and welcoming place for those who seek acceptance as visitors, both new to the community or those seeking spiritual renewal.  Several denominations have shared physical space with St. Matthew's while growing their communities and then moving on to their own facilities.  In the 90's refugees from Bosnia were welcomed and assisted in relocation.
St. Matthew's started as a small parish long before the population explosion in Las Vegas.  Sisters of Charity from England were instrumental in launching the Church that then lay outside of the Population center.  Never having been large enough to support a full-time Rector, with the help of a Regional Vicar, the model of " Total Ministry " was initiated, refined, and continues to be a guiding light as more Parishes throughout the country find themselves continuing to struggle for existence with limited financial resources.