The school supplies pictured were delivered to Harley Harmon at the end of August by Pam, Nancy Curry and son Eric as well as friend Dee, and Carolyn. At the middle of September Carolyn made another delivery totally of backpacks. Thank you, Rose Marie!

Recently we had a month-long special donation jar the proceeds of which to be sent to Episcopal Relief and Development – specifically the disaster fund. Throughout the summer and into the present time with hurricane Michael, the Episcopal Relief and Development has been and still is actively in all locations doing what they do so well—meeting immediate needs as they have arisen and then staying for the long period of recovery. That almost always takes years. The total we were able to send is $648 and change!!

Thank you all so much for participating in and contributing to our outreach ministries. Without all of us working together we would be able to do very little.


Poster by Maarianna Gorczyca

Guiding Eyes For The Blind was the recipient of our Lenten Outreach from a past project.  The individual dogs represent donations equal to $10.  Thanks to the generosity of our Parishioners, Guiding Eyes for the Blind received a total of $620.