Prayer Requests

We welcome Prayer Requests.  A printed copy is updated and published on the first Sunday of the month.  If you have a request that is not on the current list, or need to be added to the list before the following month. please use the form below to make that request.


          St. Matthew’s Prayer List

Names                             Prayer of Concern

Addie                                Continued recovery

Annie E.                            Healing, comfort, peace

Barbara K                         Comfort, strength, peace

Carol W                          Continued healing, peace

James                                Guidance, optimistic outlook

Jeanne                               Continued healing, comfort, strength

John                                  Comfort, healing

John K                               Healing

John’s wife Margaret           Strength, peace

Fr. Lloyd                            Continued healing, comfort, strength

Mo                                    Healing, strength

Mona                                 Healing

Pam G.                              Speedy recovery from surgery, comfort, healing

Pam R                               Continued healing, comfort, strength

Robert                               Healing, comfort

Scott C.                             Healing, comfort

Stephanie          Healing, comfort

Stephanie's family,Margo  Comfort

& Olivia  Comfort

Taryn (Holy Spirit)            Blessings, stable health

Taryn’s  family                    Comfort

Valerie                                Healing, relief from pain

Vera B                                Healing, comfort

Thanksgiving for the life of John and comfort for his family

Thanks for the life of Nina and comfort for her loved ones

Holy Spirit Church, Bullhead AZ         Encouragement

St Matthew’s/San Mateo Family         Welcoming and accepting

Men & Women of Armed Services       Safety

For those who travel                          Blessings

All Nations                                        Good will, well being of all people