O Blessed Lord Jesus Christ, whose name alone under heaven is given for healing and salvation, enlighten with the spirit of wisdom and knowledge

those researchers, scientists and technicians who seek a cure for the covid-19 virus and its related conditions; be present with them in their

perplexity and, at last, prosper their efforts with such success that those who were without hope may rejoice and those who were considered

dead may be raised up; who live and reign with the Father and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever.



Barbara McBride

Region 7 Director, Order of St. Luke's


A Prayer from Iona I awake this morning in the presence of the holy angels of God. May heaven open wide before me, above me, and around me that I may see the Christ of my love and his sunlit company in all the things of the earth this day. Amen. The Anglican Digest, Summer 2111 

Una oración de Iona Desperté esta mañana en presencia de los santos ángeles de Dios. Que el cielo se abra de par en par delante de mí, por encima de mí y a mi alrededor, para que pueda ver al Cristo de mi amor y su compañía iluminada por el sol en todas las cosas de la tierra este día. Amén. The Anglican Digest, Summer 2011

Prayer Requests

We welcome Prayer Requests.  A printed copy is updated and published on the first Sunday of the month.  If you have a request that is not on the current list, or need to be added to the list before the following month. please use the form below to make that request.                                              


        St. Matthew’s Prayer List                    

Names                                    Prayer of Concern

All teachers, students, staff, and parents as they continue with education needs

Blake                                    Healing, strength, courage

Carol                                     Continued healing, strength, peace

Charlotte                               Healing, Skill and wisdom for her Physicians

Christopher       Healing, strength, comfort for his family

Emily & her Father Terry       Healing. Comfort from Covid.  

  Comfort for her husband Jake as he cares for two toddlers 

Gail D                                   Continued healing, strength, peace

Jack                                       Healing, Strength .

   B.J. his wife and all members of his family, comfort, strength

James                                    Optimistic outlook, Guidance

Jan                                        Healing from surgery, strength, peace

John R                                   Healing, strength,comfort

 Nancy, his Mother and all members of his family. Comfort strength

 Kassidy & Tansy (Holy Spirit)             Continued healing, comfort, strength

   The families of Kassidy & Tansy    Comfort, strength

Marj        Healing, Strength

  Bob, Marj's Husband        Strength and Comfort

Mona                                     Healing, strength

Monika                                  Healing, strength, courage

Pam R                                  Continued healing, comfort, strength

Peggy                                   Healing, strength

Fr. Rick                                  Continued healing, strength

   Jeanne S                            Continued healing from surgery, comfort strength

Tabitha                                   Comfort, Healing

Taryn (Holy Spirit)                  Blessings, stable health

Tambra                                 Strength, confidence

Valerie & Robert                Comfort, Strength

Vina                                        Comfort, Peace


Giving thanks for the life of Barbara Klein and her presence among us.  

Comfort and strength for her family and friends.

Safety and Courage for all Men & Women of Armed Services and Law Enforcement                                      

Comfort and Healing for all victims of disaster and illness at home and through out the world

Good will and Blessings to all Nations of the World in these perilous times



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call 702-451-2483.